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Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum

Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum Vitamin C

I bought this bottle while still living in Spain and a Finnish friend of mine said "Yeah buy that, that brand is very good and popular!". I think she have had mixed this with some other brand because a. I couldn't find this specific product from anywhere in the internet (I believe that they have renowed it) b. only a very few places sold this brand overall. What we learned from this is never trust your friends' opinions, trust Google! That is where your friends come to write their reviews to their beauty pages.

My opinion about this serum is that it is excellent. One of the best ones I have ever used. Doesn't give me breakouts, definitely brightens the skin if used daily/ regularly, smells amazing and is just a luxurious add to your skincare regime.

The reason why I wanted to post this is because I really loved this product and there are not enough superlatives expressing greatness to describe it. I wanted to make Seizen atleast somehow more popular by making this post so hope this helped them. Needless to say I am not sponsored by any company just yet...

29€/ 30ml, Primor

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