keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2018

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

I graduated from a makeup school (Cosmetica Norris in Fuengirola) in December 2017. Seven months after the ceremony, that I actually missed due to oversleeping, I decided to finally switch from powder contouring to cream/ liquid. I still don't understand why it took me so long to do it, cream contour is just so superior to  powders and that's what our teacher was underlining all the time.
The switch was pretty extempore. I found myself from the MAC departure swatching on their cafe latte toned concealers and just took one of them home. I just did it, I don't really remember the reason I decided to grab this specific one.

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

Buffing brush is from Real Techniques 

There I was, later on, completely in love. Why hadn't I done this before? When contouring with liquid products the contour stays on all day. It is also easier to apply and looks much more natural. I also no longer have to carry a bronzing powder with me for touch ups because this needs no touching up.
This MAC concealer was very liquid and high coverage so I believe it could also be used as foundation. Dries pretty rapidly so you have to be quick with it. Blends easily on small areas but maybe because of the contrast between the shade of this and my actual foundation, blending bigger areas was more challenging. I believe it is because of the runny, highly pigmented and quickly drying consistency.
Overall a great multipurpose product! Can definitely be used as a foundation because of its beautiful light but high coverage finish. Definitely a huge difference to drug store concealers as this stays on way longer and the finished look is just so natural and luxurious, not cakey and cheap looking at all. I think I will try a lighter shade of this for highlighting when I first finish my other products for that purpose so see you in 2025!

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

Finished look + swatch
// Vaikka meikkikoulu Cosmetica Norriksessa oltiin painotettu nestemäisen varjostamisen ylivertaisuutta puuterimaiseen verrattuna, minulla kesti seitsemän kuukautta hankkia ensimmäinen tuote tuohon tarkoitukseen koulusta valmistuttuani. Tämä MACin peitevoide on ihan tavallinen peitevoide, nappasin sen vaan ihan ekstemporesti Jumbon Stockmannin osastolta mukaani testattavaksi.
Onneksi teinkin niin sillä meikkipohjani taso on noussut varmaan tuhannella hankintani jälkeen! MACin peitevoiteen koostumus on tosi nestemäinen, jopa juokseva, ja tosi pigmenttinen. Kuivuu nopeasti joten myös työskentelyn tämän kanssa tulee olla nopeaa. Ehkä siksi tämän häivyttäminen voi ainakin aluksi tuntua vähän haastavalta.
Loistelias lopputulos on kuitenkin kaiken vaivannäön väärti. Pysyy hyvänä aamusta iltaan ja näyttää ihanan luonnolliselta. Muistan kuinka aina puuterista contouria käyttäessäni kanniskelin aurinkopuuteria mukanani koska puuterituotteet tuppasivat imeytyä meikkipohjaan päivän mittaan ja kadota.
Tätä voisi ehdottomasti käyttää myös meikkivoiteena, lopputulos on peittevä mutta kevyt. Olen kiinnostunut testaamaan vaaleampaa sävyä korostuksiin, mutta ensin minun on käytettävä monet muut korostusvärini loppuun joten katsotaan asiaa uudestaan seuraavalla vuosikymmenellä...

11€/ 10ml, Stockmann

keskiviikko 8. elokuuta 2018

Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum

Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum Vitamin C

I bought this bottle while still living in Spain and a Finnish friend of mine said "Yeah buy that, that brand is very good and popular!". I think she have had mixed this with some other brand because a. I couldn't find this specific product from anywhere in the internet (I believe that they have renowed it) b. only a very few places sold this brand overall. What we learned from this is never trust your friends' opinions, trust Google! That is where your friends come to write their reviews to their beauty pages.

My opinion about this serum is that it is excellent. One of the best ones I have ever used. Doesn't give me breakouts, definitely brightens the skin if used daily/ regularly, smells amazing and is just a luxurious add to your skincare regime.

The reason why I wanted to post this is because I really loved this product and there are not enough superlatives expressing greatness to describe it. I wanted to make Seizen atleast somehow more popular by making this post so hope this helped them. Needless to say I am not sponsored by any company just yet...

29€/ 30ml, Primor