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Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line: The Cleansers

Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare LineYass. My mom not had only gotten one skincare product to try; she had bought the whole LINE. I mean, if you ever consider yourself extra you should get to know her first.Well okay, the moisturizers are missing and a bunch of other stuff too. The Nutra Effects line is wide as outer space with two pages of products in their Finnish webstore only. I can only imagine the selection of products they have in America!I would still consider this a pretty fine assortment. There is micellar water, foaming face wash, a scrub, some refreshing gel cleanser (a must for my greasy cake face) and last but not least a bottle of cleansing oil for those rare occasions when my visage feels a dat bit dry. An eye makeup remover, a mask plus definitely a toner and you would be all set and way beyond.
Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line
Self-Foaming Face Wash for Combination & Oily Skin A very basic and a very good foaming wash. Great for either a morning wash or second phase wash when removing makeup. Glycerin is third on the ingredient list which makes this excellent for any skin type as it remoisturizes the skin after the wash. A good moisture balance helps prevent excessive oiliness and therefore breakouts on oily/combination skin, keeps normal skin looking dewy and relieves the dryness.I wonder why isn't this marketed for dry skin or all skin types? The foaming formula in my opinion is better for dry or normal skin. Perhaps it is marketed for oilier skin because they already have so many suitable options for dry skin, for example the oil wash or cleansing milk..8€/ 150ml, AvonRefreshing Gel Cleanser for all Skin Types Okay so this is not the product to make your face feel squeaky clean after makeup removal. In fact I felt like I had to wash my face three times to get rid of all the paint. Usually it only takes two washes and some toner.This is said to be suitable for sensitive skin too so maybe this is for cleaning the skin only and not taking off a full mask.8€/ 150ml, AvonMiracle Glow Lightweight Cleansing Oil Ohh I was so excited to try this. I absolutely love the bottle and any product with the word 'glow' on it catches my eye.The scent is definitely the same classic 'Avon Oil Scent' they use in almost all of their oil products. The consistency is lightweight, as promised, and runny but it still leaves an oily surface on the skin. A great thing for dry skin but not the best for a skin that has it's own oils unless you really want to take the risk to get breakouts. So I would first use this and then a gel to avoid them.The oils used: canola, passiflora incarnata (maypop) seed, linseed, coffea arabica seed, sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed and orbignya oleifera (babassu) seed.10€/ 125ml, Avon
Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line
Micellar Cleansing Water for all Skin Types A great micellar water that takes off the makeup gently but effectively. Glycerin is the third ingredient again so your skin is sure to feel smooth and moisturized after using this. Two thumbs up, especially for the generous size!8€/ 200ml or 12€/ 400ml, AvonGentle Scrub Cleanser for Normal/ Dry Skin This is my favourite out of the five. I am nuts over scrubs so I know a good one when I see one. Ecuadorian ivory plant seed powder and opium poppy seed bits combined with a very gentle and moisture rich formula leave the skin mesmerizingly glowy. Great for any skin type.8€/ 100ml, Avon// Tästä tuli niin pitkä postaus että suomennos jää tällä kertaa väliin :( Seuraavaksi arvioin kuitenkin muutamaa kotimaista tuotetta joten pysy kanavalla!Nämä Avonin tuotteet olivat perushyviä/erinomaisia, heikoin lenkki ehkä geelipuhdistaja jonka olisin toivonut olevan vähän stydimpää tavaraa meikinpoistoon.

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