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MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Classy packacking, up to date products. That's what comes to my mind when I see a Makeup Revolution stand. Then I get shook because the prices are so low you would expect a lot cheaper packaging. I mean 1,99€-9,99€ for almost everything; lipsticks, blushes, contour and eyeshadow palettes, highlighters... the list goes on. Huge variety of makeup products - but how is the quality?

I have tried two of their products, both for cheeks.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Light / Medium C04 Blends well. Ok pigment but isn't very buildable. My oily skin sucks all the pigments very fast but that is not the product's fault, my skin is to be blamed. Even my makeup school teacher said the contour shade is perfectly cold. For bronzing there is a metallic bronze color which works well and is hard to make look tacky (it is actually called blush but never have I ever met someone who uses a blush this color as a blush). Vice versa it makes you look dewy and summery. I love using the highlighter on my nose but I find that it is not too visible on the cheeks. So not the most 'popping' product for cheek highlight but great for a subtle everyday look. For five euros it is a great product but I wouldn't say it is for professional use because it is not buildable and atleast for me it doesn't stay on well. That is why I usually carry this with me so I can touch up through the day.

Vivid Baked Blush - Make Love Instead Reading what the cosmetic shops online say about this blush is that it is high-pigment and easy to build up. I agree somewhat. It depends on the brush you are using, with some bigger brushes it feels like it is impossible to get the color out. The look is dewy so it is not like a 'clown blush' which is what comes first to my mind when thinking about highly pigmented blushes. The amount of pigment is great for beginners but I prefer more pigmented blushes. It also doesn't look 'coherent' unless you use it with the contour palette. Stays on ok.
It was a bit hard to photograph with my IPhone and the picture's don't flatter the blush but I hope you see the dewiness... If I had to say one minus it would be that this is not the easiest to blend, definitely on the edges. And it requires a lot ov layering before it is visible on the cheek. But that is what the higlighter is for ;)

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Overall ok products for everyday use. They are also very 'hard' which might be the reason they don't seem so pigmented and require more work to get the color out. The hardness makes the products last very long, I have had the trio palette since last summer and used it almost every day and it is still going strong :) 
 I would recommend these for those who want to have a more natural look or to young girls' first products. I propably wouldn't repurchase though because there are zillions of other lovely products to try! Would try other products from this brand though since the quality was all OK.

// Kokeilin ylläolevia Makeup Revolutionin poskisävyjä ja olin niihin ihan ok-tyytyväinen. Eivät todellakaan olleet mitään pigmenttisimpiä tuotteita maailmassa, väriä täytyi kerrostaa paljon saadakseen sen näkyviin. Siksi suosittelisinkin näitä ensikertalaisille tai luonnollisempaa lopputulosta hakeville. Lopputulos on heleä. Pysyvät jokseenkin hyvin, mutta väri haalenee huomattavasti päivä aikana ja siksi kannankin korostuspalettia yleensä mukanani etten ala näyttää haamunnähneeltä kesken päivän. Highlighter/hohdepuuteri ei ollut mikään kaikista näkyvin mutta nenää sillä sai ihanasti heleytettyä pienen tiiviin sudin avulla.
En ostaisi näitä kyseisiä tuotteita enää uudelleen mutta voisin kokeilla merkin muita tuotteita :)

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW highlighter

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit 4,99€/ 11g & Vivid Baked Blush 3,99€/ 6g, both from Primor

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