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Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

Today I am reviewing a recent purchase of mine, a brow pomade from Eylure in the shade 30 Blonde. I know I am a brunette with dark features but the darker shades in brow products make me look angry and old. Not the look I am going for.

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

"The Brow Pomade is a creamy, long-lasting brow colour that provides colour, sculpting and shading for the brows. Creating a buildable brow with fabulous and natural colour, the pomade is also water and humidity-proof. Available in Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Blonde this is a one-stop product for beautifully full brows."

Totally agree! Waterproof so it doesn't smudge and protects you from looking like a total hobo at the gym. You can use this to create the Instagram-brow or a more natural look. Easy to apply with different kinds of brushes.
One thing that worries me is that this is more on the dry than the creamy side. The powdery look is nice, doesn't look like you have used liquid eyeliner to fill in your brows but the jar is rather big with 6 grams of the product so it is sure to dry before you can use this up. But for 7,5€ it is easy to repurchase if you don't want to use liquid to moisten it up.
I don't think this is the most pigmented one I have encountered and sometimes it is frustrating when it feels like you have to rub in layers and layers of the product. The pomade is surely smudge-free and waterproof but it does come of if you accidentally rub it. You can control the density and sharpness by using either a wider brush or a more dense brush.
 I would rate this 3/5. It is okay but not the best. Maybe I should have gone for a darker shade to get a broader opinion on it. I think this would be 5/5 for someone with a thinner eyebrow texture than mine so that the product would be more 'visible' on the brows. You know what I mean? Like for those with thin eyebrow hair who want to paint them thicker.

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

//Hyvä, kestävä, puuterimaisen lopputuloksen antava kulmavaha. Todella edullinen! Pelottaa vain, että kuivuu ennen aikojaan kun koostumus ei ole yhtä kermainen kuin esim ABH:n vastaavassa mutta siitä selviää kostuttamalla tuotetta uudelleen.
Itselleni ei ehkä toimivin tuote  koska olisi ensinnäkin pitänyt valita paljon tummempi sävy ja toisekseen kulmieni karvat ovat laadultaan niin paksua että tuntuu kuin tätä pitäisi hinkkaamalla hinkata että sen saa tarttumaan ihoon ja täten näkymään joten en oikein voi verrata tätä jonkun hennompikarvaisen näkökulmasta. Pienemmällä sudilla tällä saa paljon peittävämmän ja terävämmän lopputuloksen. Itselleni 3/5 perushyvä tuote mutta jollekkin hennompikulmaiselle uskon että olisi helposti 5/5.

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