maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2018

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW

I wanted the BenNye banana powder so bad. Still do... My wallet won't let me so here it is, a 3€ banana powder!

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW baking banana powder
Looks like this, Cute packaging, right? How is it on the skin then?

Blends pretty bad. I still haven't figured a way to use this for baking, my friend has though so maybe it's not the powder to blame. This doesn't really give you a very matte finish unless you layer it on until you start looking like a grandma as all your fine lines turn into grand canyons. The shine gets through very fast. This is also rather thick so it has made my skin to develop those little pimples you get from too heavy makeup.
From the pointed arrows on the photo above and from the photo below you can see how badly it bakes and blends. The finish is uneven.

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW baking banana powder

Wouldn't buy this again but I still remember the time I borrowed this from my friend and fell in love so I do have faith in this... But I remember having another loose powder from W7 then and it had a more of  a sheer finish to it and it was the baked look I was craving then. So maybe I should get back to it as I still like W7 as a brand. And especially their prices!

// Ei mikään parhain kokeilemani puuteri. Kaverini osaa käyttää tätä beikkaukseen, minä en. Paitsi kerran osasin! Ja se häiritsee koska uskon että oikein käytettynä tästä olisi johonkin. Tosin nyt käytän sitä koko naamani puuterina. Siihenkään tämä ei oikein sovellu koska tämä korostaa juonteita ja saa naaman näyttämään jotenkin kuivakalta eikä pidä kiiltoa poissa kuin hetken. Olen myös huomannut että tästä aiheutuu pieniä näppyjä.
En ostaisi uudestaan tätä tuotetta. Tykkään kuitenkin W7:stä merkkinä joten muita heidän juttujaan tulen kyllä ostamaan ja käyttämään jatkossakin.

perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2018

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW frizzy hair sleek hair

My friend had this when we were traveling in Thailand and I fell in love. When I purchased the whole set including the conditioner and the Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray I was disappointed. Well not disappointed but I was hyped to finally have full bottles of this stuff in my bathroom but then they ended up not being AS magical as I remembered. So don't get me wrong, everything was still better quality than most of the hair washing/ styling products of this price range and below :) And I really liked each one of the three.

Now I  am only going to review the shampoo since I have used up the other products ages ago. And now that the whole tube is almost finished I can give you a more accurant opinion, not just a first crush type of a thing.
 Okay so yes, this does bring shine and sleekness to your hair. And my hair even feels straighter and maybe a little bit like plastic Barbie hair or atleast my natural curls aren't so overly curly. Kind of makes your hair feel heavier maybe that's why it has a straightening effect.
This does have silicones in it which is propably the reason it makes hair feel plastic-y (a bit). I used to not be afraid of silicones in shampoos but not a long time ago I read from the Facebook group Beauty Up that they can clog the pores in your scalp which causes excess grease and can eventually have negative effects on the re-growth. I also didn't find this very moisturizing but this also wasn't drying so for long damaged hair I would recommend using some extra-moisturizing conditioner or mask.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW frizzy hair sleek hair
 After shampoo, before and after straightening
I did find that when using this my hair would greasen faster than it would if I used something with less silicone. My sensitive scalp would also itch a bit more often. But then in the other hand this keeps my hair sleeker for longer especially when I used the other products of this range. So I compromised and used this in every other hair wash (I wash my hair twice a week) to avoid any long run negative effects. And this was my go-to party/ special occassion shampoo since it does give a more salon look than just something cheaper.
TLDR; a nice shampoo that gives you a sleek salon feel and helps keep your hair frizz free for longer. This is achieved with silicones so I wouldn't recommend this for everyday use but for my curly-haired sisters this is perfect because you shouldn't wash your hair daily especially if it is frizzy and curly. This also isn't too moisturizing so either pair this with a moisturizing conditioner or mask or avoid using this daily.

// Perushyvä pörröisyyttä poistava shampoo. Sisältää silikonia, joten saattaa rasvoittaa ja ärsyttää päänahkaa etenkin jos se on sellaiseen taipuvainen tai herkkä. Tämä antaa sellaisen kampaamonjälkeisen lookin. En suosittelisi kuitenkaan jokapäiväiseen käyttöön sillä tämä ei ole mikään kosteuttavin käyttämäni ja tosiaan saattaa aiheuttaa päänahkaongelmia pitkittyneessä käytössä. Siksi tästä onkin valikoitunut bile- ja edustusshampookseni jota käytän max joka toinen hiuspesu (pesen kahdesti viikossa).
Suosittelisin siis joko satunnaiseen käyttöön tärkeitä tilaisuuksia varten tai sitten kiharalle ja pörröiselle hiukselle jota ei pestä päivittäin.

About 9€ per 250ml.

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2018

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW lip butter

Okay so I was determined to buy a good quality, a bit more expensive matte liquid lipstick. I had never owned one, I only had used regular matte lipsticks before and was pretty late on this liquid trend. No reason not to have owned one though.

Then the other day I went to this local Spanish beauty chain store Primor and saw that this Essence one was on sale only for 1,39€. The cashier didn't register the promotion so I paid a scandalous amount of 2,89€ which is the regular price.

In action.
The shade is perfect. I love using this. Maybe it's because it's my first one of this kind so I feel like a little girl with her first own mascara or something. Or maybe it is this beautifully versatile and perfect shade that fits any situation. 

Except for steamy kissing. This is anything but longlasting. The consistency is like mousse. Highpigment and not drying like promised but I feel like when I take the first sip of water or something stronger I have to re-apply. And even if I don't do anything this just disappears.

The finish is nice. It is matte-ish at first and then turns into buttery finish. Not a paint-like matte. After all it is a lipgloss, not a lipstick. Wouldn't propably repurchase because it doesn't stay on for a solid 10 minutes but overall a cute product. Mine is in the shade 02 Beauty Approved.

2,89€/ 5ml, Primor

perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2018

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory - REVIEW

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone

I had borrowed this from my friend a few times and really liked the result. It seemed like everything I wanted from a foundation = silky yet matte full-coverage finish. Later on she said this didn't suit her skin (didn't tell me why doe) so I got to adopt my foundation crush.
At first it seemed a little orange-ish but now that it has been in my everyday use I don't think it is orange. More on the yellow side than the red. The shade looks natural on my skin though so I don't really care. I find that this really stays on well, actually much better than the foundations I had before this (Primark Perfect Color Foundation, Benecos Natural Creamy Makeup, NYX Matte But Not Flat Foundation are the ones I have had in daily use in the last year) and doesn't become greasy or move around on my face leaving some parts without foundation and then some parts with all of the makeup. I don't know how to say it in English but if you have oily skin you propably know when the foundation starts 'gathering' on certain spots after having it on for the whole day? Or even for a few hours.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone
Moisturizer, one coat of Bourjois, two coats, two coats + powder (W7 Banana Dreams)
Anyways, this is long lasting. And I love the finish. Very easy to blend, the consistency is liquid yet pigmented and doesn't dry on too fast so is very easy to work with. The tube says 'luminous complexion & smooth skin' which is 100% true and with powder you can even make this matte and smooth. You can layer this to control the coverage and use a buffing brush, foundation brush, sponge, fingers and still have the pigment there. One layer gives you a even skintone with luminous finish and you can go upto three layers for the perfect dewy matte luxurious look. So this is super versatile.
Promises 24hr hydration... I can actually agree because I have fallen asleep with this on my face. And usually if I wake up with yesterday's makeup my skin is dry which leads to ugly big under-skin spots. But this lovely babe has not done it to me not even once! Still wouldn't recommend using this as a night cream.
SPF15 is a great bonus, I love and look for foundations with a sun protection factor. And as I said before you can have either a summery dewy look using one layer or more coverage for the winter redness (this actually has a a green factor for covering redness) so I would say this is a all-year, all-day rounder for the younger and for the more mature ones out there and everythng in between! 10/10 would totally repurchase.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone
Sorry not giving my face after a whole day of use because I looked horribly in every attempted picture so here is a normal eveyrday look created using this CC-cream as the base :) Also horrible Iphone SE front camera quality..
12,2€/ 30ml, Primor