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Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW lip butter

Okay so I was determined to buy a good quality, a bit more expensive matte liquid lipstick. I had never owned one, I only had used regular matte lipsticks before and was pretty late on this liquid trend. No reason not to have owned one though.

Then the other day I went to this local Spanish beauty chain store Primor and saw that this Essence one was on sale only for 1,39€. The cashier didn't register the promotion so I paid a scandalous amount of 2,89€ which is the regular price.

In action.
The shade is perfect. I love using this. Maybe it's because it's my first one of this kind so I feel like a little girl with her first own mascara or something. Or maybe it is this beautifully versatile and perfect shade that fits any situation. 

Except for steamy kissing. This is anything but longlasting. The consistency is like mousse. Highpigment and not drying like promised but I feel like when I take the first sip of water or something stronger I have to re-apply. And even if I don't do anything this just disappears.

The finish is nice. It is matte-ish at first and then turns into buttery finish. Not a paint-like matte. After all it is a lipgloss, not a lipstick. Wouldn't propably repurchase because it doesn't stay on for a solid 10 minutes but overall a cute product. Mine is in the shade 02 Beauty Approved.

2,89€/ 5ml, Primor

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