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L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW

 L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW straightened hair natural curls frizz

The only heat protecting serum/ cream/ non-spray product I have ever liked is Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. It was my, my family's and one of my best friend's holy grail product until something happened. I think they changed the inci or something? Every other non-spray heat protectant has been a nightmare for me so my hopes weren't too high on this L'Oreal newbie.

A little background info: I have naturally curly hair so 99% of my need for heat protection consists of straightening my hair. My hair is dry so I prefer spray products because they spread easier and don't latch onto the dry spots. When using a serum or a cream I feel like I have to use the whole bottle to feel protected and still the product won't get everywhere, leaving my hair sticky and dirty-looking.

 L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW straightened hair natural curls frizz

 With serum, before and after straightening
The same happened with this. My hair felt like it hadn't been washed in two weeks, no shine, super frizzy like it was stir fried and just a big poof of dryness. I tried applying this to damp hair, blowdrying and then straightening but got the same horrifying results! Even my boyfriend asked why is my hair so frizzy. I mean just look at the photo. Absolute 0,05/5 the half point comes from pretty packaging.

Maybe this would work better for naturally straight hair? There is no silicone in it doe so I highly doubt it. Other ingredients are glycerin and castor oil so why does this not hydrate?
4,99€/ 200ml, Primor

//Siis aivan järkyttävän huono lämpösuoja. En yleensäkään tykkää muista kuin suihkutettavista tuotteista suoristusrautakäsittelyn alle mutta tää oli ihan pohjanoteeraus. Katsokaa nyt noita kuvia, ei toi oo mun tukka ei vaan voi olla tuommoinen hamppukasa muka silottavan, täyteen kosteuttavia ainesosia pumpatun tuotteen jäljiltä.

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