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MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

I graduated from a makeup school (Cosmetica Norris in Fuengirola) in December 2017. Seven months after the ceremony, that I actually missed due to oversleeping, I decided to finally switch from powder contouring to cream/ liquid. I still don't understand why it took me so long to do it, cream contour is just so superior to  powders and that's what our teacher was underlining all the time.
The switch was pretty extempore. I found myself from the MAC departure swatching on their cafe latte toned concealers and just took one of them home. I just did it, I don't really remember the reason I decided to grab this specific one.

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

Buffing brush is from Real Techniques 

There I was, later on, completely in love. Why hadn't I done this before? When contouring with liquid products the contour stays on all day. It is also easier to apply and looks much more natural. I also no longer have to carry a bronzing powder with me for touch ups because this needs no touching up.
This MAC concealer was very liquid and high coverage so I believe it could also be used as foundation. Dries pretty rapidly so you have to be quick with it. Blends easily on small areas but maybe because of the contrast between the shade of this and my actual foundation, blending bigger areas was more challenging. I believe it is because of the runny, highly pigmented and quickly drying consistency.
Overall a great multipurpose product! Can definitely be used as a foundation because of its beautiful light but high coverage finish. Definitely a huge difference to drug store concealers as this stays on way longer and the finished look is just so natural and luxurious, not cakey and cheap looking at all. I think I will try a lighter shade of this for highlighting when I first finish my other products for that purpose so see you in 2025!

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Used As Liquid Contour; An Experiment

Finished look + swatch
// Vaikka meikkikoulu Cosmetica Norriksessa oltiin painotettu nestemäisen varjostamisen ylivertaisuutta puuterimaiseen verrattuna, minulla kesti seitsemän kuukautta hankkia ensimmäinen tuote tuohon tarkoitukseen koulusta valmistuttuani. Tämä MACin peitevoide on ihan tavallinen peitevoide, nappasin sen vaan ihan ekstemporesti Jumbon Stockmannin osastolta mukaani testattavaksi.
Onneksi teinkin niin sillä meikkipohjani taso on noussut varmaan tuhannella hankintani jälkeen! MACin peitevoiteen koostumus on tosi nestemäinen, jopa juokseva, ja tosi pigmenttinen. Kuivuu nopeasti joten myös työskentelyn tämän kanssa tulee olla nopeaa. Ehkä siksi tämän häivyttäminen voi ainakin aluksi tuntua vähän haastavalta.
Loistelias lopputulos on kuitenkin kaiken vaivannäön väärti. Pysyy hyvänä aamusta iltaan ja näyttää ihanan luonnolliselta. Muistan kuinka aina puuterista contouria käyttäessäni kanniskelin aurinkopuuteria mukanani koska puuterituotteet tuppasivat imeytyä meikkipohjaan päivän mittaan ja kadota.
Tätä voisi ehdottomasti käyttää myös meikkivoiteena, lopputulos on peittevä mutta kevyt. Olen kiinnostunut testaamaan vaaleampaa sävyä korostuksiin, mutta ensin minun on käytettävä monet muut korostusvärini loppuun joten katsotaan asiaa uudestaan seuraavalla vuosikymmenellä...

11€/ 10ml, Stockmann

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Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum

Seizen Bio-Skin Vita C Serum Vitamin C

I bought this bottle while still living in Spain and a Finnish friend of mine said "Yeah buy that, that brand is very good and popular!". I think she have had mixed this with some other brand because a. I couldn't find this specific product from anywhere in the internet (I believe that they have renowed it) b. only a very few places sold this brand overall. What we learned from this is never trust your friends' opinions, trust Google! That is where your friends come to write their reviews to their beauty pages.

My opinion about this serum is that it is excellent. One of the best ones I have ever used. Doesn't give me breakouts, definitely brightens the skin if used daily/ regularly, smells amazing and is just a luxurious add to your skincare regime.

The reason why I wanted to post this is because I really loved this product and there are not enough superlatives expressing greatness to describe it. I wanted to make Seizen atleast somehow more popular by making this post so hope this helped them. Needless to say I am not sponsored by any company just yet...

29€/ 30ml, Primor

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Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line: The Cleansers

Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare LineYass. My mom not had only gotten one skincare product to try; she had bought the whole LINE. I mean, if you ever consider yourself extra you should get to know her first.Well okay, the moisturizers are missing and a bunch of other stuff too. The Nutra Effects line is wide as outer space with two pages of products in their Finnish webstore only. I can only imagine the selection of products they have in America!I would still consider this a pretty fine assortment. There is micellar water, foaming face wash, a scrub, some refreshing gel cleanser (a must for my greasy cake face) and last but not least a bottle of cleansing oil for those rare occasions when my visage feels a dat bit dry. An eye makeup remover, a mask plus definitely a toner and you would be all set and way beyond.
Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line
Self-Foaming Face Wash for Combination & Oily Skin A very basic and a very good foaming wash. Great for either a morning wash or second phase wash when removing makeup. Glycerin is third on the ingredient list which makes this excellent for any skin type as it remoisturizes the skin after the wash. A good moisture balance helps prevent excessive oiliness and therefore breakouts on oily/combination skin, keeps normal skin looking dewy and relieves the dryness.I wonder why isn't this marketed for dry skin or all skin types? The foaming formula in my opinion is better for dry or normal skin. Perhaps it is marketed for oilier skin because they already have so many suitable options for dry skin, for example the oil wash or cleansing milk..8€/ 150ml, AvonRefreshing Gel Cleanser for all Skin Types Okay so this is not the product to make your face feel squeaky clean after makeup removal. In fact I felt like I had to wash my face three times to get rid of all the paint. Usually it only takes two washes and some toner.This is said to be suitable for sensitive skin too so maybe this is for cleaning the skin only and not taking off a full mask.8€/ 150ml, AvonMiracle Glow Lightweight Cleansing Oil Ohh I was so excited to try this. I absolutely love the bottle and any product with the word 'glow' on it catches my eye.The scent is definitely the same classic 'Avon Oil Scent' they use in almost all of their oil products. The consistency is lightweight, as promised, and runny but it still leaves an oily surface on the skin. A great thing for dry skin but not the best for a skin that has it's own oils unless you really want to take the risk to get breakouts. So I would first use this and then a gel to avoid them.The oils used: canola, passiflora incarnata (maypop) seed, linseed, coffea arabica seed, sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed and orbignya oleifera (babassu) seed.10€/ 125ml, Avon
Avon True Nutra Effects Skincare Line
Micellar Cleansing Water for all Skin Types A great micellar water that takes off the makeup gently but effectively. Glycerin is the third ingredient again so your skin is sure to feel smooth and moisturized after using this. Two thumbs up, especially for the generous size!8€/ 200ml or 12€/ 400ml, AvonGentle Scrub Cleanser for Normal/ Dry Skin This is my favourite out of the five. I am nuts over scrubs so I know a good one when I see one. Ecuadorian ivory plant seed powder and opium poppy seed bits combined with a very gentle and moisture rich formula leave the skin mesmerizingly glowy. Great for any skin type.8€/ 100ml, Avon// Tästä tuli niin pitkä postaus että suomennos jää tällä kertaa väliin :( Seuraavaksi arvioin kuitenkin muutamaa kotimaista tuotetta joten pysy kanavalla!Nämä Avonin tuotteet olivat perushyviä/erinomaisia, heikoin lenkki ehkä geelipuhdistaja jonka olisin toivonut olevan vähän stydimpää tavaraa meikinpoistoon.

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Avon Nailpolish REVIEW

Avon Nailpolish REVIEW
Years and years ago my mom started reselling Avon-products and ever since I have used their nailpolishes. They look so tempting in the catalogues - so many colors you can't decide between so you almost want to order them all! Should you then?
I don't think so. There are many different formulas to choose from and the result is always nice. At first. Easy to apply, nice and even look etc. Everything seems perfect at first glance. The problem is that these won't stay on! And I am not the only one who has noticed it. Gel effect, glitter, normal... Thicker or runnier, doesn't matter, it will start flaking and/ or peeling off without having to do anything extreme with your hands.
I also feel that these are very drying if you get the product on your cuticles. Some shades can even color the actual nail permanently. Not with the actual color of the polish but with YELLOW. Not a nice finish to have on your natural nail, especially if they are a bit longer. The tinting can be a result from many other things, I know, but it is easy to blame the nailpolish your drawers are full of.
I would say the finish is prettier and more 'espensive' looking than in most nailpolishes under 10 euros. The beauty starts to crumble so easily so I would either go for something cheaper with better durance and almost the same finishing (Essence for example) or invest a few more extra euros for Essie or OPI since these Avon ones are affordable but not from the cheapest end of the scale.

Avon Nailpolish REVIEW

On fingernails: Avon True Colour Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Plum Dazzle, on toenails Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Starburst

// Vuosien Avon-kynsilakkakokemuksen syvällä rintaäänellä joudun valitettavasti toteamaan etteivät nämä houkuttelevan hintaiset ja näköiset lakat kannata. Aluksi ne saattavat vaikuttaa täydellisiltä: helppo levittää, kaunis lopputulos. Ensimmäisen vuorokauden aikana lakka alkaa kuitenkin rapistua ja sitä voi jopa pystyä vetämään liuskoina kynneltä. Eikä tarvitse edes tehdä mitään missä kädet joutuvat koetukselle.
Nämä myös tuntuvat kuivattavan keskivertolakkaa enemmän kynsinauhoja niihin osuessaan. Olen myös huomannut näiden joskus jopa värjäävän luonnonkynnen kellertäväksi. Värjäymät voivat toki johtua monesta muustakin tekijästä mutta helposti alkaa syyttää kynsilakkaa jota löytyy eniten kaapista.
Pullot ja lopputulos (heti lakkauksen jälkeen) ovat kuitenkin vähän 'kalliimman' näköisiä. Keskivertoa alle 10€ kustantavaa lakkaa huonommin pysyvänä ostaisin mielummin joko parin euron Essencen lakkoja, joilla saa melkein yhtä kiiltävän lopputuloksen ja vieläpä pysyvämmän semmoisen. Toinen vaihtoehto olisi sijoittaa vähän ekstraeuroja esimerkiksi OPI:n tai Essien lakkoihin tai kytätä muita merkkilakkoja aleista.

Normal price 9€ for 10ml, often on sale. From Avon.

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XHC Xpel Hair Care REVIEW

Just a basic afternoon stroll at Primor and I found myself three excellent products richer - less than six euros poorer. Let me introduce you to a great brand that is yet to be discovered for way too many people.
I absolutely forgot to take a group photo of these three together so I had to borrow pics from Amazon.

Shimmer of Silver Conditioner

This actually works, even in brunette hair with blonde highlights. And even when I had brunette hair with golden undertones this definitely gave them a cooler shade.
Doesn't give too much shine. The moisturization is ok.
Definitely recommend this to blondes for regular/ everyday use. If it works for a brunette then I definitely think this would help a blonde also. Maybe this wouldn't make yellow hair silvery after one use but would help this maintain the ashy look.

Cleansing Charcoal Conditioner

An amazing product to say the least. The first thing that comes to my mind about beauty products that have a special cleaning effect is that the leave the surface they are used on feeling dry and squeky-clean.
This actually managed to clean and replace dullness with shine and then moisture it leaving the hair silky smooth and healthy looking. At first I was a little sceptical about the small pieces of something black that seem to be crushed peel of some seed that can't be found from the inci (and now I am even more sceptical) but you wouldn't notice them at all in action.
Absolutely recommend this. Gives my dry & dull hair the 'WOW'-effect. Shiny smooth hair.

Cleansing Charcoal Face & Body Scrub
Okay so XHC definitely has some magical clay they use on their products. After using this my skin looks not only moistured but like it has re-born.
First I scrub my face and neck thoroughly and leave this on while I do my other shower routine steps. After rinse I welcome a smooth, fresh and moisturized face that feels brand new I could easily say this is in top-3 in 2in1 scrub + mask products that I have ever used. I have become a little lazy when it comes to regular scrubbing but I can only imagine how good my skin would look if I used this twice a week.
Excellent for sensitive skin too because while being super effective this is also super gentle.

Normal price was nowhere to be found. The price range in Primor was 1,5€-2 or 2,5€ for 300-400ml.

Kiko Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist REVIEW

Kiko Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist REVIEW

I have to say I have never unlocked the love for these setting sprays. I mean they don't do anything for me. And I didn't find this one doing anything either. Just a few drops here and there and then it dried. All my friends and the whole internet are hyping these but I feel like they are just a plot from big companies trying to get the money.
I feel like this didn't distribute evenly though, if I have to say something that differs from all the other stuff on the market (to me they have all been the same, so far).

//En ole vieläkään päässyt jyvälle siitä, mikä näissä setting sprayssa viehättää ihmisiä. En päässyt tämänkään avulla. Ne eivät vain yksinkertaisesti tee mitään. Tuntuu vain rahastukselta.
Jos jotain muista vastaavista eriävää olisi sanottava, tämä ei suihkua tasaisesti. Seasta tulee semmoisia isompia pisaroita.

Kiko Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist REVIEW
A few minutes after spraying.

9,95€/ 70ml, Kiko

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MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Classy packacking, up to date products. That's what comes to my mind when I see a Makeup Revolution stand. Then I get shook because the prices are so low you would expect a lot cheaper packaging. I mean 1,99€-9,99€ for almost everything; lipsticks, blushes, contour and eyeshadow palettes, highlighters... the list goes on. Huge variety of makeup products - but how is the quality?

I have tried two of their products, both for cheeks.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit - Ultra Light / Medium C04 Blends well. Ok pigment but isn't very buildable. My oily skin sucks all the pigments very fast but that is not the product's fault, my skin is to be blamed. Even my makeup school teacher said the contour shade is perfectly cold. For bronzing there is a metallic bronze color which works well and is hard to make look tacky (it is actually called blush but never have I ever met someone who uses a blush this color as a blush). Vice versa it makes you look dewy and summery. I love using the highlighter on my nose but I find that it is not too visible on the cheeks. So not the most 'popping' product for cheek highlight but great for a subtle everyday look. For five euros it is a great product but I wouldn't say it is for professional use because it is not buildable and atleast for me it doesn't stay on well. That is why I usually carry this with me so I can touch up through the day.

Vivid Baked Blush - Make Love Instead Reading what the cosmetic shops online say about this blush is that it is high-pigment and easy to build up. I agree somewhat. It depends on the brush you are using, with some bigger brushes it feels like it is impossible to get the color out. The look is dewy so it is not like a 'clown blush' which is what comes first to my mind when thinking about highly pigmented blushes. The amount of pigment is great for beginners but I prefer more pigmented blushes. It also doesn't look 'coherent' unless you use it with the contour palette. Stays on ok.
It was a bit hard to photograph with my IPhone and the picture's don't flatter the blush but I hope you see the dewiness... If I had to say one minus it would be that this is not the easiest to blend, definitely on the edges. And it requires a lot ov layering before it is visible on the cheek. But that is what the higlighter is for ;)

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW

Overall ok products for everyday use. They are also very 'hard' which might be the reason they don't seem so pigmented and require more work to get the color out. The hardness makes the products last very long, I have had the trio palette since last summer and used it almost every day and it is still going strong :) 
 I would recommend these for those who want to have a more natural look or to young girls' first products. I propably wouldn't repurchase though because there are zillions of other lovely products to try! Would try other products from this brand though since the quality was all OK.

// Kokeilin ylläolevia Makeup Revolutionin poskisävyjä ja olin niihin ihan ok-tyytyväinen. Eivät todellakaan olleet mitään pigmenttisimpiä tuotteita maailmassa, väriä täytyi kerrostaa paljon saadakseen sen näkyviin. Siksi suosittelisinkin näitä ensikertalaisille tai luonnollisempaa lopputulosta hakeville. Lopputulos on heleä. Pysyvät jokseenkin hyvin, mutta väri haalenee huomattavasti päivä aikana ja siksi kannankin korostuspalettia yleensä mukanani etten ala näyttää haamunnähneeltä kesken päivän. Highlighter/hohdepuuteri ei ollut mikään kaikista näkyvin mutta nenää sillä sai ihanasti heleytettyä pienen tiiviin sudin avulla.
En ostaisi näitä kyseisiä tuotteita enää uudelleen mutta voisin kokeilla merkin muita tuotteita :)

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit + Vivid Baked Blush - REVIEW highlighter

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit 4,99€/ 11g & Vivid Baked Blush 3,99€/ 6g, both from Primor

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Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation: Soft Ivory - REVIEW

 Everyone was going crazy over this Wet n Wild foundation at one point. Shaaanxo said it is a dupe to YSL Fusion Ink Foundation and when I saw this on my (ex-)friend's face I was convinced. I had to get my hands on this.
Her face was naturally very even and smooth, mine is very oily and acne-prone so I knew the foundation would look different on me. Secretly I hoped to achieve as matte yet luminous, high-coverage look that she had.
Her skin was also more tan than mine. I thinkt all foundations look better on a more tanned skintone, especially if the skin has no imperfections. So maybe that's why I was surprised of how medium-coverage this actually is. I have a lot to cover!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation: Soft Ivory - REVIEW
1. Moisturizer 2. One Coat 3. Two coats + powder 4. Finished look

The finish is actually like created for photos! The camera seemed to automatically blur my face when I had this on. Without the camera it didn't look so blurred on my face but on my friend's it did. So I would recommend this for anyone with little to no cover on their skin.
One big plus is that all the contouring products and blush were a lot easier to apply. They stuck easier on the canvas and were also easy to blend without ruining the base.
Isn't really too longwear to be honest. T-zone starts greasing fast and at the end of the day is full of big gatherings of the foundation mixed with powder and the skin's oil. On the edges of the face = where the skin doesn't get oily this stays on well, though.

// Antaa todellakin lupaamansa "photo focus"-lookin! Livenä ei toiminut niin kauniisti minulla kuin entisellä kaverillani, jonka iholla tämä näytti siltä kuin hän olisi blurrannut naamansa jollain kuvanmuokkausohjelmalla.
Suosittelisinkin tätä Wet n Wild meikkivoidetta sellaisille, joilla on jo luonnostaan tasainen iho. Rasvaiselle iholle en, sillä tämä ei ole rasvaisilla alueilla mikään pitkäkestoisin vaan alkaa laatoittumaan puuteroin ja ihon öljyjen kanssa.
Iso plussa on, että tämän päälle oli helppo laittaa korostus- ja varjostustuotteet; ne levittyivät hyvin eikä tarvinnut laittaa kerros kerroksne jälkeen että jotain saisi tarttumaan. Meikkivoide ei myöskään lähtenyt liikkeelle noiden kohtien alta.

6,99€/ 30ml, Primor.

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Oriflame No Time for Shine Foundation: Snow Touch - 31901 REVIEW

Oriflame No Time for Shine Foundation: Snow Touch - 31901 REVIEW

This comes in two shades, Snow Touch and Natural Beige. Mine is in Snow Touch and oh what a perfect shade it is for me and my fellow palefaces! Usually cheap foundations have that ugly strongly orange and/or pink undertone that gets even worse throughout the day. But this doesn't. Neutral undertone and very, very light.

Oriflame No Time for Shine Foundation: Snow Touch - 31901 REVIEW

 1. Natural 2. One coat of NTFS 3. Two coats of NTFS + concealer & powder 4. Full base
Lightweight, has to be layered if you want more coverage. It is okay because this doesn't start looking cakey. One bad thing is that this takes time to blend but the outcome is nice so it doesn't matter unless you are in a hurry.
Stays on nicely. This is definitely a moisturizing light foundation perfect for dry skin but doesn't grease out on a very greasy skin like mine. If I had to pick someone to wear this she/he would either be someone with freckles or someone with a good complexion that only needs to be evened out.
The finish is very dewy and the coverage can be altered. For a 5€ foundation definitely a 9/10.

// Todella kevyt, kosteuttava meikkivoide. Ehdoton plussa on että vaikka tämä on todella halpa, pohjasävy ei ole oranssi eikä pinkki vaan ihanan neutraali. Ja mikä sävy! Kalkkinaamoille on vaikea löytää neutraalisävyistä, edullista ja toimivaa meikkivoidetta. Tämä on todella hyvä myös siltä kannalta  että lopputulosta voi muuntaa vaihtelemalla meikkivoidekerrosten määrää. Aika vaikea levittää, mutta koska lopputulos on niin nätti ja hyvinpysyvä saa NTFS-meikkivoide sen anteeksi. Paitsi silloin kun olen kiireessä...
Suosittelisin tätä joko pisamaiselle naamalle tai jollekin jolla on todella hyvä iho mutta kaipaa sen sävyyn tasoitusta.

4,9€/ 30ml, Oriflame. Discontinued?

torstai 7. kesäkuuta 2018

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

Today I am reviewing a recent purchase of mine, a brow pomade from Eylure in the shade 30 Blonde. I know I am a brunette with dark features but the darker shades in brow products make me look angry and old. Not the look I am going for.

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

"The Brow Pomade is a creamy, long-lasting brow colour that provides colour, sculpting and shading for the brows. Creating a buildable brow with fabulous and natural colour, the pomade is also water and humidity-proof. Available in Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Blonde this is a one-stop product for beautifully full brows."

Totally agree! Waterproof so it doesn't smudge and protects you from looking like a total hobo at the gym. You can use this to create the Instagram-brow or a more natural look. Easy to apply with different kinds of brushes.
One thing that worries me is that this is more on the dry than the creamy side. The powdery look is nice, doesn't look like you have used liquid eyeliner to fill in your brows but the jar is rather big with 6 grams of the product so it is sure to dry before you can use this up. But for 7,5€ it is easy to repurchase if you don't want to use liquid to moisten it up.
I don't think this is the most pigmented one I have encountered and sometimes it is frustrating when it feels like you have to rub in layers and layers of the product. The pomade is surely smudge-free and waterproof but it does come of if you accidentally rub it. You can control the density and sharpness by using either a wider brush or a more dense brush.
 I would rate this 3/5. It is okay but not the best. Maybe I should have gone for a darker shade to get a broader opinion on it. I think this would be 5/5 for someone with a thinner eyebrow texture than mine so that the product would be more 'visible' on the brows. You know what I mean? Like for those with thin eyebrow hair who want to paint them thicker.

Eylure Brow Pomade – No. 30 Blonde REVIEW #borwsonfleek

//Hyvä, kestävä, puuterimaisen lopputuloksen antava kulmavaha. Todella edullinen! Pelottaa vain, että kuivuu ennen aikojaan kun koostumus ei ole yhtä kermainen kuin esim ABH:n vastaavassa mutta siitä selviää kostuttamalla tuotetta uudelleen.
Itselleni ei ehkä toimivin tuote  koska olisi ensinnäkin pitänyt valita paljon tummempi sävy ja toisekseen kulmieni karvat ovat laadultaan niin paksua että tuntuu kuin tätä pitäisi hinkkaamalla hinkata että sen saa tarttumaan ihoon ja täten näkymään joten en oikein voi verrata tätä jonkun hennompikarvaisen näkökulmasta. Pienemmällä sudilla tällä saa paljon peittävämmän ja terävämmän lopputuloksen. Itselleni 3/5 perushyvä tuote mutta jollekkin hennompikulmaiselle uskon että olisi helposti 5/5.

SEPHORA COLLECTION The Mascara 02 Ultra Black - REVIEW


 The perfect mascara for a naturally voluminous, lenghtened and defined look! At first this seemed a bit dry, probably because I am used to mascaras being super wet at first and therefore easily clumpy. But this gave the promised look with just one coat which is really incredible. Hard to layer on though and I think the best look is achieved with less of the stuff. Doesn't fall out. Would definitely repurchase.

//Täydellisen luonnollinen lopputulos vain yhdellä kerroksella! Aluksi kuivahkolta vaikuttanut tuote yllättikin täysin. Ei varise.

6,99€/ 4ml, Sephora

keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2018

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - SMLC 16 Cairo REVIEW

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - SMLC 16 Cairo REVIEW
Doesn't dry out the lip but does stick on the dry spots. This gives a creamy finish and maybe that's why it is not very covering/ pigmented. Or maybe it is just the nude shade to blame.
This is already a cult product, all of my friends own atleast one and I feel like almost everyone interested in makeup does too. This is the only shade I have owned and even though it is not like a lip paint it is perfect for everyday and evening wear. This shade particularly since I am more a nude than reds kind of a girl. And this shade is easy to apply without a mirror. Definitely a go-to product!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - SMLC 16 Cairo REVIEW

 The only picture I found of me wearing this which is weird because I wear Cairo very often... It was shitty to begin with so I decided to fuck shit up even more! Evening lightning
I am interested in their other shades as well but I have heard that the tube can get broken from the top part. But I always break my makeup anyways so no big deal.

// Hyvä vakiohuulimeikki, joka tuntuu löytyvän lähes jokaisen meikkipussista. Kermainen koostumus, ei mikään maailman peittävin. Ei kuivata mutta tarttuu helposti kuiviin kohtiin. Ei mitään valitettavaa oikeastaan! Joskin olen kuullut että tuubi saattaa "ratketa" tuosta yläpäästä. Olen silti kiinnostunut kokeilemaan muitakin sävyjä koska tämä on vaan niin perushyvä ja miellyttävä käyttää.

Price around 7-9€ for 8ml

maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2018

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW

I wanted the BenNye banana powder so bad. Still do... My wallet won't let me so here it is, a 3€ banana powder!

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW baking banana powder
Looks like this, Cute packaging, right? How is it on the skin then?

Blends pretty bad. I still haven't figured a way to use this for baking, my friend has though so maybe it's not the powder to blame. This doesn't really give you a very matte finish unless you layer it on until you start looking like a grandma as all your fine lines turn into grand canyons. The shine gets through very fast. This is also rather thick so it has made my skin to develop those little pimples you get from too heavy makeup.
From the pointed arrows on the photo above and from the photo below you can see how badly it bakes and blends. The finish is uneven.

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder - REVIEW baking banana powder

Wouldn't buy this again but I still remember the time I borrowed this from my friend and fell in love so I do have faith in this... But I remember having another loose powder from W7 then and it had a more of  a sheer finish to it and it was the baked look I was craving then. So maybe I should get back to it as I still like W7 as a brand. And especially their prices!

// Ei mikään parhain kokeilemani puuteri. Kaverini osaa käyttää tätä beikkaukseen, minä en. Paitsi kerran osasin! Ja se häiritsee koska uskon että oikein käytettynä tästä olisi johonkin. Tosin nyt käytän sitä koko naamani puuterina. Siihenkään tämä ei oikein sovellu koska tämä korostaa juonteita ja saa naaman näyttämään jotenkin kuivakalta eikä pidä kiiltoa poissa kuin hetken. Olen myös huomannut että tästä aiheutuu pieniä näppyjä.
En ostaisi uudestaan tätä tuotetta. Tykkään kuitenkin W7:stä merkkinä joten muita heidän juttujaan tulen kyllä ostamaan ja käyttämään jatkossakin.

perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2018

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW frizzy hair sleek hair

My friend had this when we were traveling in Thailand and I fell in love. When I purchased the whole set including the conditioner and the Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray I was disappointed. Well not disappointed but I was hyped to finally have full bottles of this stuff in my bathroom but then they ended up not being AS magical as I remembered. So don't get me wrong, everything was still better quality than most of the hair washing/ styling products of this price range and below :) And I really liked each one of the three.

Now I  am only going to review the shampoo since I have used up the other products ages ago. And now that the whole tube is almost finished I can give you a more accurant opinion, not just a first crush type of a thing.
 Okay so yes, this does bring shine and sleekness to your hair. And my hair even feels straighter and maybe a little bit like plastic Barbie hair or atleast my natural curls aren't so overly curly. Kind of makes your hair feel heavier maybe that's why it has a straightening effect.
This does have silicones in it which is propably the reason it makes hair feel plastic-y (a bit). I used to not be afraid of silicones in shampoos but not a long time ago I read from the Facebook group Beauty Up that they can clog the pores in your scalp which causes excess grease and can eventually have negative effects on the re-growth. I also didn't find this very moisturizing but this also wasn't drying so for long damaged hair I would recommend using some extra-moisturizing conditioner or mask.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo - REVIEW frizzy hair sleek hair
 After shampoo, before and after straightening
I did find that when using this my hair would greasen faster than it would if I used something with less silicone. My sensitive scalp would also itch a bit more often. But then in the other hand this keeps my hair sleeker for longer especially when I used the other products of this range. So I compromised and used this in every other hair wash (I wash my hair twice a week) to avoid any long run negative effects. And this was my go-to party/ special occassion shampoo since it does give a more salon look than just something cheaper.
TLDR; a nice shampoo that gives you a sleek salon feel and helps keep your hair frizz free for longer. This is achieved with silicones so I wouldn't recommend this for everyday use but for my curly-haired sisters this is perfect because you shouldn't wash your hair daily especially if it is frizzy and curly. This also isn't too moisturizing so either pair this with a moisturizing conditioner or mask or avoid using this daily.

// Perushyvä pörröisyyttä poistava shampoo. Sisältää silikonia, joten saattaa rasvoittaa ja ärsyttää päänahkaa etenkin jos se on sellaiseen taipuvainen tai herkkä. Tämä antaa sellaisen kampaamonjälkeisen lookin. En suosittelisi kuitenkaan jokapäiväiseen käyttöön sillä tämä ei ole mikään kosteuttavin käyttämäni ja tosiaan saattaa aiheuttaa päänahkaongelmia pitkittyneessä käytössä. Siksi tästä onkin valikoitunut bile- ja edustusshampookseni jota käytän max joka toinen hiuspesu (pesen kahdesti viikossa).
Suosittelisin siis joko satunnaiseen käyttöön tärkeitä tilaisuuksia varten tai sitten kiharalle ja pörröiselle hiukselle jota ei pestä päivittäin.

About 9€ per 250ml.

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2018

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss - REVIEW lip butter

Okay so I was determined to buy a good quality, a bit more expensive matte liquid lipstick. I had never owned one, I only had used regular matte lipsticks before and was pretty late on this liquid trend. No reason not to have owned one though.

Then the other day I went to this local Spanish beauty chain store Primor and saw that this Essence one was on sale only for 1,39€. The cashier didn't register the promotion so I paid a scandalous amount of 2,89€ which is the regular price.

In action.
The shade is perfect. I love using this. Maybe it's because it's my first one of this kind so I feel like a little girl with her first own mascara or something. Or maybe it is this beautifully versatile and perfect shade that fits any situation. 

Except for steamy kissing. This is anything but longlasting. The consistency is like mousse. Highpigment and not drying like promised but I feel like when I take the first sip of water or something stronger I have to re-apply. And even if I don't do anything this just disappears.

The finish is nice. It is matte-ish at first and then turns into buttery finish. Not a paint-like matte. After all it is a lipgloss, not a lipstick. Wouldn't propably repurchase because it doesn't stay on for a solid 10 minutes but overall a cute product. Mine is in the shade 02 Beauty Approved.

2,89€/ 5ml, Primor

perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2018

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory - REVIEW

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone

I had borrowed this from my friend a few times and really liked the result. It seemed like everything I wanted from a foundation = silky yet matte full-coverage finish. Later on she said this didn't suit her skin (didn't tell me why doe) so I got to adopt my foundation crush.
At first it seemed a little orange-ish but now that it has been in my everyday use I don't think it is orange. More on the yellow side than the red. The shade looks natural on my skin though so I don't really care. I find that this really stays on well, actually much better than the foundations I had before this (Primark Perfect Color Foundation, Benecos Natural Creamy Makeup, NYX Matte But Not Flat Foundation are the ones I have had in daily use in the last year) and doesn't become greasy or move around on my face leaving some parts without foundation and then some parts with all of the makeup. I don't know how to say it in English but if you have oily skin you propably know when the foundation starts 'gathering' on certain spots after having it on for the whole day? Or even for a few hours.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone
Moisturizer, one coat of Bourjois, two coats, two coats + powder (W7 Banana Dreams)
Anyways, this is long lasting. And I love the finish. Very easy to blend, the consistency is liquid yet pigmented and doesn't dry on too fast so is very easy to work with. The tube says 'luminous complexion & smooth skin' which is 100% true and with powder you can even make this matte and smooth. You can layer this to control the coverage and use a buffing brush, foundation brush, sponge, fingers and still have the pigment there. One layer gives you a even skintone with luminous finish and you can go upto three layers for the perfect dewy matte luxurious look. So this is super versatile.
Promises 24hr hydration... I can actually agree because I have fallen asleep with this on my face. And usually if I wake up with yesterday's makeup my skin is dry which leads to ugly big under-skin spots. But this lovely babe has not done it to me not even once! Still wouldn't recommend using this as a night cream.
SPF15 is a great bonus, I love and look for foundations with a sun protection factor. And as I said before you can have either a summery dewy look using one layer or more coverage for the winter redness (this actually has a a green factor for covering redness) so I would say this is a all-year, all-day rounder for the younger and for the more mature ones out there and everythng in between! 10/10 would totally repurchase.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory -  REVIEW foundation makeup skintone
Sorry not giving my face after a whole day of use because I looked horribly in every attempted picture so here is a normal eveyrday look created using this CC-cream as the base :) Also horrible Iphone SE front camera quality..
12,2€/ 30ml, Primor

keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2018

L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW

 L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW straightened hair natural curls frizz

The only heat protecting serum/ cream/ non-spray product I have ever liked is Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. It was my, my family's and one of my best friend's holy grail product until something happened. I think they changed the inci or something? Every other non-spray heat protectant has been a nightmare for me so my hopes weren't too high on this L'Oreal newbie.

A little background info: I have naturally curly hair so 99% of my need for heat protection consists of straightening my hair. My hair is dry so I prefer spray products because they spread easier and don't latch onto the dry spots. When using a serum or a cream I feel like I have to use the whole bottle to feel protected and still the product won't get everywhere, leaving my hair sticky and dirty-looking.

 L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Heat Protector REVIEW straightened hair natural curls frizz

 With serum, before and after straightening
The same happened with this. My hair felt like it hadn't been washed in two weeks, no shine, super frizzy like it was stir fried and just a big poof of dryness. I tried applying this to damp hair, blowdrying and then straightening but got the same horrifying results! Even my boyfriend asked why is my hair so frizzy. I mean just look at the photo. Absolute 0,05/5 the half point comes from pretty packaging.

Maybe this would work better for naturally straight hair? There is no silicone in it doe so I highly doubt it. Other ingredients are glycerin and castor oil so why does this not hydrate?
4,99€/ 200ml, Primor

//Siis aivan järkyttävän huono lämpösuoja. En yleensäkään tykkää muista kuin suihkutettavista tuotteista suoristusrautakäsittelyn alle mutta tää oli ihan pohjanoteeraus. Katsokaa nyt noita kuvia, ei toi oo mun tukka ei vaan voi olla tuommoinen hamppukasa muka silottavan, täyteen kosteuttavia ainesosia pumpatun tuotteen jäljiltä.